marți, 15 noiembrie 2016

Ghid Black Friday pentru aparate foto - DPreview

Site-ul DPreview a postat un ghid detaliat, editia 2016, pentru cei care doresc sa cumpere aparate foto in perioada ofertelor de Black Friday.
Pentru informatii generale si explicatii ale detaliilor tehnice accesati postarea mea mai veche

2016 Roundup: Semi-Pro Interchangeable Lens Cameras
We consider semi-pro cameras to be those that will appeal both to professionals and dedicated enthusiasts. Whether you're seeking ultra-high resolution, first-rate autofocus or 4K video capture, there are some supremely capable models available. Find out which cameras we liked best in our semi-pro camera roundup. Read more
2016 Roundup: Enthusiast Long Zoom Cameras
While it's the pocketable 1" sensor enthusiast cameras that attract the most attention, there are now quite a few long zoom models. Whether you want 4K video, a lens reaching 600mm equiv or DSLR-style controls in an all-in-one package, you'll find one in our roundup of enthusiast long zoom cameras. Read more
2016 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $900-1200
Many consumers are likely to shop for cameras based on price and capability, rather than according to whether a certain model contains a mirror or not. In this category, you'll find both mirrorless and DSLR cameras that are highly capable, offer built-in high-spec viewfinders and a bevy of external controls. Read more
2016 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $500-900
There's no shortage of interchangeable lens cameras in the $500-900 range. Whether they're mirrored or mirrorless, there's something for beginners and enthusiasts alike in this crowd of inexpensive cameras. Read roundup
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Photographers stepping up from entry-level or midrange ILCs have a lot of choices. In this updated roundup we're taking a look at enthusiast ILCs sporting APS-C and Four Thirds sensors in the $1200-2000 range. Read more
2016 Roundups: Fixed Prime Lens Cameras
The fixed-lens camera market may be a bit niche, but it's here that you'll find some of the best APS-C and full-frame cameras you can buy. Read more
2016 Roundup: Consumer Long Zoom Compacts
Not everyone wants to pay a premium for a long zoom camera. Thankfully, there are many reasonably priced cameras available, though they won't offer the same image quality as enthusiast models. In this roundup we look at big zoom cameras with more consumer-friendly price tags.  Read more
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2016 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras around $500
While they don't necessarily grab the headlines, one thing is for certain: entry-level interchangeable lens cameras sell by the truckload. In our latest roundup we'll pick out the best options for those wanting to spend around $500. Read more
2016 Roundup: Compact Enthusiast Zoom Cameras
Over the last couple of years, the enthusiast zoom camera market has exploded. Most cameras in the group have 1"-type sensors and fast lenses, though not a lot of zoom power. Our updated roundup gives an overview of the class and highlights our top picks. Read more